Reviews of the Mac Platform:

I was definitely surprised when I heard the top octaves of my system “open up”, with seemingly more frequency extension and “air” without the harshness or tizz one might expect. (There must be a measurable difference here… I could even hear it from the next room.) On recordings with which I am intimately familiar, the change (a very positive one) was unmistakable. This was not a “needs a double-blind test” kind of difference, it was completely apparent in a few seconds of listening. The build quality of the platform is exemplary. CNC machining produces an exact fit-match to the Mac Mini. The platform sits on three high-quality spikes (under which I placed a small piece of MDF left-over shelving to protect the glass shelf top). I know that there are other folks here using the Mac Mini as their digital music server, and I would highly recommend that they check out the Atomic Audio Labs Mac Platform. For $299, it made a substantial difference in sound, a difference that I have paid much more for in other system changes over the years. Very nice product!